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What's GIA?
Gotemba International Association is a nonprofit city organization that promotes international activities such as cultural exchange program, meetings, classes and other events all through the year. GIA aims to contribute to protect human rights and make the peaceful world.
History of GIA
Gotemba City established the sister city relationship with the City of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A in 1960. The citizens of Gotemba were enthusiastically promoting international programs aiming to deepen understanding and friendship. In 1985, the member of 56 citizens of Gotemba visited Chambersburg for the 25th anniversary ceremony and thought it was important to have more exchanges between the cities and suggested to make an organization for it, On December 24th in the same year, Gotemba Sister City Association was established with 600 members. In 1986, the delegates of Chamber of Commerce from Beaverton City, Oregon visited Gotemba and in the year of 1987, Gotemba established the sister city relationship with Beaverton to improve the co-operation and exchange of cultures and industries.
On June 8th in 1991, Gotemba International Association was founded to further encourage citizens to conduct international exchanges and to keep the friendly relationship with the foreigners living in Gotemba.
In 1997, GIA built two schools in Cambodia named Fuji-san Gakko with the contribution of members and citizens.
Sister Cities
Chambersburg, PA U.S.A
  • Chambersburg is located 181 kilometers northwest of Washington, D.C.
  • Population (2000): approximately 18,000
  • Area: 6.58 square miles
  • Annual Average Temperature: 51 degrees
  • Summer Average Temperature: 75 degrees
  • Winter Average Temperature: 32 degrees
  • Annual Average Rainfall: 42 inches
  • Sister City Establishment: August 22, 1960
Beaverton, OR U.S.A
  • Beaverton is a part of Washington County in the State of Oregon. It is located in 9 miles southwest of Portland.
  • Population (2002): approximately 77,990
  • Area: 17.2 square miles
  • Summer Average Temperature: 78 degrees
  • Winter Average Temperature: 40.5 degrees
  • Annual Average Rainfall: 37.8 inches
  • Sister City Establishment: October 22, 1987
What does GIA do?
  • YouI Salon (A meeting to exchange cultures, ideas and experiences with people from different countries)
  • Brazilian BBQ
  • Charity Concert
  • International Cooking Class
  • International Fair
  • Children Japanese Speech Contest and so on
  • Fuji-san Kyoshitsu (A class to help foreign children to adjusting to the life in Japan and school)
Population of Foreigners in Gotemba (As of April 2018)
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GIA(Gotemba International Association)
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Gotemba City Hall
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