Best selected 10 Mt. Fuji Scenic Spots
See the magnificent views of Mt. Fuji!
Experience the feeling that only someone who climbs to the top can feel.
Mt. Fuji Gotemba Climbing Entrance Surugadai
A point with brilliant exposure, fresh green, and autumnal leaves of strangely shaped rocks and lava with a height of 30m.
If you start climbing Mt. Fuji from the Gotemba Entrance, which is also the fifth station of the mountain, you can see wonderful views.
At approximately half the height of Mt. Fuji, 2000 meters above sea level, there lay two mountains called Twin Fuji. As the name suggests, they look like Mt. Fuji except they are smaller. The views from their summits are beautiful.
I want to drop in in the middle of the drive.The night view is specially the jewel box of 1000000 dollars.
On your way to Nagao Pass on Route 138, you can stop at this observation point to appreciate the spectacular view of the evening sun setting behind Mt. Fuji.
At night, you may also stop to enjoy the picturesque contrast of Mt. Fuji, in the darkness, and the city lights. The view could almost be compared to the beauty of jewels scattered in the light.
Otainai Seiko Park Nagao Pass
This is a good place to observe the dynamism and miracles of nature.
There is a 155 meter-long lava cave, which resulted from a previous eruption of Mt Fuji. Otainai means 'human womb', and the cave had been named after this, because the lava made rooms that are said to resemble the human womb. If you go inside the cave, you will find small hollows that resemble, and are named after, the liver, lung, heart and so on. If you come to explore this cave, please do not forget your flashlight.
Besides a huge lava cave, the park also boasts a shrine (at the cave's entrance), a variety of different trees and alpine plants, hiking trails and a bird sanctuary.
You can hike with the grand views of elegant feminine figures of Mt. Fuji.
Located on the border of Shizuoka and Kanagawa prefectures, you can hike along the pass and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mt. Fuji and Mt. Ashitaka ridge, and the entire city of Gotemba below. On a clear day you can also see the shining ocean of the far-away Suruga Bay.
In fall, all the mountains are ablaze with the golden carpet of pampas grass. It is especially spectacular when the setting sun paints the grass with magnificent colors.
Oonohara Kogen Momiji Bridge
The peak of Mt. Fuji and the beautifully colored pampas grass in the sunset are unforgettable scenes.
The pampas grass fields spread out at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, which is where the people did their hunting in the ancient times. You can view Suruga Bay from here on a clear day.
The bare nature valley and the different expressions of Mt. Fuji are appreciated from the hiking trails all through the year.
A 1-kilometer area along Ayuzawa River, between Nonto Bridge and Momiji Bridge has recently been maintained to ensure the protection of the riverside natural formation.
JR Gotemba line passes through the neighborhood and i It is the best place to take pictures of Mr. Fuji and the trains.
Mt. Tenjin Gotemba Municipal Hot Springs Center
You can see the symmetrical view of Mt. Fuji from this point. The colors of nature, which are different at each season of the year, are wonderful.
There is a resort area with several attractions for you, your family and friends to enjoy. This resort area boasts restaurants, which serve good meals and brewed beer, hotels, hot springs and other facilities. Mt Tenjin is well known for the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, in the background, above the pink cherry blossom flowers in the park.
You can relax in hot springs and enjoy a slightly different view of Mt. Fuji as seen over the steam.
Located on your way up to Otome Pass, this hot spring has separate spas for men and women and you can see a giant view of Mt. Fuji, right in front of you, and the city, below.
Peace Park Otome Pass
The Peace Park has a huge white temple facing Mt. Fuji. It is a popular tourist attraction all throughout the year.
Only a five-minute drive from the Tomei Expressway Gotemba Interchange, the Peace Park boasts the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and the spectacular changing colors in fall. You can take a walk to the white Indian pagoda on the hill, which has some Buddha relics that were presented by the first prime minister of India.
The Otome Pass is a great spot for hiking and taking pictures.
Located 1,000 meters above sea level and on the ridge of Mt. Hakone, it is one of the best 3 locations for viewing Mt. Fuji. There are many legends and folklore, which have been told since ancient times. It takes about a 40-minute hike along the hiking trail.
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